How was the west won? WESTERN STATES LOSS CONTROL Inc., THAT'S how. We're headquartered in the west, we're from the west and we understand how to handle the large states of the west.

AS A COMPANY WITH CLIENTS IN THE WEST,  you have undoubtedly experienced the difficulty of getting loss control surveys done in a timely manner. And what you might not realize is that most loss control providers, even the one you’re currently using, may not pay Consultants for the time they spend on the road. The result? Consultants can’t meet your due dates, and even if a risk is substandard or doesn’t meet your guidelines, you’re stuck with it.


WESTERN STATES LOSS CONTROL INC. understands that so first, we pay our Consultants, at no additional cost to you, for their time on the road. Our Consultants are Professionals with an average of 15 years of experience. We want to make sure they’re compensated fairly for the excellent job they do for you. Secondly, we have Consultants strategically placed throughout the large western states so that we can provide quality loss control services on time.






Although we specialize in the west, we can provide services nationwide...just contact us!